New Kids on The Cell Block

For months now, we have been receiving increasingly ominous snail mail letters and emergency texts that our phones will no longer work on January 1st, 2023. Well, specifically, my husband’s phone will no longer work because it is a 3G and Verizon will no longer support third generation wireless technology.

He has delayed buying a new one because the old one “works just fine”, but also because his favorite brand is LG; and this one is going to be his last.

It distressed him to learn last year that LG has discontinued making smartphones. His current phone, the LG G6, is four and a half years old and I am certain he would stick with it if Verizon wasn’t going to shut down 3G service.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S9. I was behind the times when I even purchased it almost three years ago. The 10 was aging and almost obsolete. The Galaxy S11 would be introduced 3 months later. I’ve never been on the phone fast track.

Well, we decided we should buy new phones together and switch to a new carrier all at the same time. We were living big.

We entered the store (with Dennis gripping his LG pretty hard) and typed our name into the electronic kiosk near the front entrance and saw we were 8th in line. Using our time productively, we perused the android models, most of which were Samsung.

Finally, it was our turn, and Brandon walked over to the display area to explain the various models. There were both Galaxy S21 and S22 models available.

“How can that be?” I asked Brandon. “The 11 came out 2 1/2 years ago. How did we just skip to the 20’s?”

He laughed and said, “Apple came out with the iPhone 13 in 2021. I guess Samsung just skipped a few years ahead, building in a comfortable distance.”

This is a good place to ask why aren’t we considering Apple? Partly, I think it’s based on the fact they we started out with the android IOS and remain loyal, and partly, we like supporting the underdog.

After much discussion, and a little lamenting to Brandon on why LG stopped making smartphones, Dennis and I decided to each buy the Galaxy S22. They tout it as an “everyday powerhouse.” I will add, however, that it disappointed me to learn that Galaxy phones no longer have a headphone jack. It looks like I’m heading to wireless in order to listen to my music app.

We weren’t surprised to learn they didn’t have them at that location, but Brandon ordered them and said they would ship them to our house. Dennis chose black, and I eagerly chose “Bora Purple” which looked a lot like lavender. If we would like, we could return to receive help in transferring the old data to the new phones. Yes, please.

The phones arrived just in time for us to get over to the store and complete the transfer. We live in Central Florida and Ian was about to hit. We knew we would sit inside for 36 hours (as long as the power held, which it did) and we could use that time to familiarize ourselves with our S22s’ as well as either log into or download a long list of apps. It is mind-boggling how much of our world is inter-connected now with our phones.

There were some hiccups. Dennis almost only uses a voice-to-text feature because his vision isn’t strong and it’s difficult to type out messages. With mounting frustration, he handed me the phone, and I eventually figured out that I could download a different keyboard with this vital feature. Luckily, this also solved the issue of an ugly black and yellow keyboard. The download bumped the odd Bee theme.

My transition was much smoother since I stayed within the Galaxy line of phones. Everything remained the same, although I needed to log back into every app and grant permission to and for just about everything, maybe even saying yes to buying life insurance. I’m not sure.

Together, we reviewed how to listen to voicemail, how to take a screenshot and how to actually turn the phone off.

He and I did part ways with one particular Samsung feature. Her name is Bixby, and she is the equivalent of Apple’s Siri. I’ve had Bixby ready to assist me for three years now and I never bothered turning on the app. I don’t know, her services just didn’t speak to me.

Dennis, however, was giddy to learn about Bixby. Now he asks her to turn the phone off, give him the time, temperature and when the football game is on next Sunday.

I’m also hearing happy comments including:

“The battery life is much better with this phone.”

 “Everything runs faster.”

“The fitness app is great. It pauses when you stop walking.”

“Taking photos is easier now.” (The LG had the photo button on the left side. Awkward.)

I’m happy he seems to have let LG go (is that what it stands for?) and is ironically going to get quite attached to his S22. The process is well underway.

That is the way of the world, I guess. Change is good. In fact, change is inevitable. It’s just infinitely more fun when the new is better than the old.

Maybe I should think about that. “Hey Bixby, what should I make for dinner?”

My new S22. Photo taken by my husband’s S22


  1. New technology makes my head spin. I just can’t keep up, but thankfully I’m surrounded by people who can help, and there are also YouTube videos for every blessed thing. Almost.

    Long ago, husband Cliff chose the Apple route (phone and computer) because its features are more amenable to artists. He also uses Siri more than I do because he’s more “auditory” too. Bixby, well now, that’s a name! I wonder what menu he suggested for dinner.

    By the way, I’d choose “Bora Purple” too because I like lavender. Thanks for letting us in on the latest McGauran news, Melanie. Fun! 😀

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    • I have heard that Apple is the preferred operating system for artists (and clearly many more as it remains the most popular phone!). As a joke, Dennis asked Bixby what was her last name, and she replied ” I have only one name and it’s Bixby “B’ “I” “X” “B” “Y” ” hahahahaha. She’s got a bit of attitude! Glad you enjoyed the fun Marian. 🙂

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  2. Congrats on taking the leap. I know how hard it can be, especially when we’re used to what we own. Besides learning new technology, I think most middle-age folks operate from a place of, “Why do I need to replace it if it’s not broken?”

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    • Yep, that’s our thinking – 100% Pete! 🙂 We’re just too practical. It’s very possible that trait was passed down by parents who lived during the depression or not long after. I bet we have these new phones a very long time. But it’s going to take a “very long time” to figure everything out, lol!

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  3. This was a very uplifting read about a simple fact of all of our lives- our phones! I LOVED the part about embracing change. It can be fun. It can be frustrating. It can be challenging. Technology is speeding past all of us- a little faster for our generation-but you looked at this slice of it as an opportunity to tame it! Bring it on BIXBY. Melanie is not afraid!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Pam. 🙂 Yes, change doesn’t have to be all bad. Plus, Dennie and I shared a lot of laughs while trying to figure stuff out, so that was a double win. Bixby was probably rolling her eyes thinking “these two.” Hey, we though the S stood for Senior, lol. I was just trying to bring a little levity along with a thought or two this week. Thanks Pam.


  4. Congrats on your new phones Melanie. I know how your hubby feels. I too have the lat LG 6 phone that I love and works well and don’t want to trade in. So I got a new SIM card from my provider and the 5G works fine on that phone. Don’t throw it away! 🙂 x

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