Tales from Thule: A Look Inside a 72-Year-Old Journal

Two unlikely circumstances recently collided in my small world which led to the re-discovery of a 72-year-old journal. The first happening was a six-part documentary series which aired in the early fall titled “Expedition to the Edge.” It was the story of The Infinity, a 40-year-old sailing ship with a stubborn (!) German captain named … More Tales from Thule: A Look Inside a 72-Year-Old Journal

The DeLorean

During these slow, hot days of August I’ve been thinking back to small and large life events that have left a lasting impression on me. When this particular one popped into my head, I thought “Yes. This is a story to tell.” It was August 2008. We were on the road driving our son Will … More The DeLorean

Taking New Steps

A year ago this week, I carefully reviewed my inaugural blog post for about the 500th time and finally launched it live.  Over the next 52 weeks, I tried to stay on course with a post a week. I’ve loved both the content and the intent of the blog. I’ve shared everything from taking over … More Taking New Steps

Reaching Out One Last Time – The Surprise Gift

I remain in a funny place after returning from Ann’s service in Minneapolis. Ann was my mother Ginny’s oldest friend who had recently passed. (Here is a link to that story. In an unexpected development, this is Part 2.) As I had mentioned, the service and weekend spent with her family had held many emotional … More Reaching Out One Last Time – The Surprise Gift

Thank You!

As my blog often confirms, life is complicated, funny and always full of surprises. These past few days have been no exception. As a resident living on the east coast of Florida, I have been distracted as well as knee-deep in preparations for Hurricane Dorian. I had hoped to start the first week of September … More Thank You!