Once in a Lifetime

For most of September, I have been on an unexpected hiatus. I needed time to finalize plans for my mother’s service, pull my thoughts and words together for a eulogy, and spend time with my visiting family. I debated how to approach my next post as I have focused (understandably so) on Gretchen’s passing. I … More Once in a Lifetime

Operation Odyssey

Something my 31-year-old son said to me last week reminded me about an ancient (18-year-old) hard copy of a manuscript I have buried in the cupboard. I’m pretty sure most readers here have a similar project in a similar cupboard. The premise was to keep a “journal” for one year chronicling life with a 13-year-old … More Operation Odyssey

A New Me

On the morning I was scheduled for my appointment, I woke to loud thunder and lightning. I got up and walked in the dark through the living room and stood in front of the glass sliding door to watch. Interestingly, there was no rain. I love thunderstorms, so I stuck around for a few minutes … More A New Me

Rock Me On The Water: LA’s Legendary Moment in The Sun 50 Years Ago

I had high hopes when I used my Libby app to download Rock Me on the Water: 1974-The Year Los Angeles Transformed Movies, Music, Television and Politics written by Atlantic Senior Editor Ronald Brownstein and published last March. This nonfiction work would be a great choice for my first book review. As a teenager in … More Rock Me On The Water: LA’s Legendary Moment in The Sun 50 Years Ago