60 Moments

As a companion piece to Finding My Way to White Crane Spreads its Wings, this post places me far outside my comfort zone. Simply, I was inspired to share the tai chi experience in another writing form.

60 moments of disappearing from all busy screens.

Watching white wings rise from the water, we stand.

There is only a roof with exactly four sides of air.

Sweep your arms inside and energy flows. Take a step,

press – push. Press – push.  

A turn, defend. A single whip.

Ghosts. They vacate in a temporary way.

Eyes are closed. At peace.

Now you are trying to pick up the needle at sea bottom. It is yours,

arms lifting up. Palms down. Cat stance. Hold. Hold.

Facing east, the breeze carries each deliberate breath. In. Out. Away.

With brush the knee we are swimming through air, it lifts me. Lifts us,

now we among the clouds. Connecting.

The peace burrows deep; every sharp edge now soft.

59 moments spent somewhere else, feet next to each other now.

Arms circle wide, down, and slowly, we close… the…. chi.

We will carry the 3 suns for 7 days.


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