Aging Parent Present Ideas

I saw my first television holiday ad last night. It was for World Market. I’ve also already received a couple of snowy catalogs dotted with cheerfully wrapped presents on the cover. Normally, I would do an eye-roll, but this year, I felt relief. That’s because I knew that I was doing something a little different with my post today.

I’m sharing a link to a new blog titled Midlife Melody that has some helpful holiday gift ideas specifically geared for an aging parent. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity that targets this group so well. The list has a variety of ideas from “Meaningful” to “Stocking Stuffers”.  It’s also a perfect introduction to a holiday story/gift idea (not found on the list) I had already planned to post next.

If you pull an idea from the list, please let me know. I always like feedback on content.

Midlife Melody

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