Thank You!

As my blog often confirms, life is complicated, funny and always full of surprises.

These past few days have been no exception. As a resident living on the east coast of Florida, I have been distracted as well as knee-deep in preparations for Hurricane Dorian. I had hoped to start the first week of September with a brand new story, however, this slow –moving storm has made my own writing slow down.

So in lieu of a new story, my “kick off the fall season” post today is a giant thank you to those who read and/or follow my blog. Thank you for being loyal and showing such support. Seriously, I appreciate it very much. You are the best. 👏

I actually do hope to write during Dorian, but I have to prepare for a possible loss of power (no writing tablet) and some post storm clean-up. It’s easier if I take this week off.

I hope the majority of readers/followers can light up their grills, enjoy friends and family and celebrate a wonderful Labor Day. See you on the other side.


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