Sharing It Forward

This post is a little different as I’m stepping outside of the larger story to move my legs a bit and share my hopeful intent.

As you’ve read, I am living day-to-day with helping my elderly mom.  I’m definitely in the thick of it. Somewhere in there, I wanted to write it down. It started with a single non-fiction story. And then when something else happened, I wrote that down too. Over time, I had 20,000 words which then grew to 35,000 words. Maybe I would publish a book one day? I’ve written articles, but a book? Probably not. I didn’t have the necessary recognition that requires. Then, with a friend’s help, the blog idea hit me hard. Yes! I wanted to try it.  

There were truths in my writings, ideas and facts I had researched. I had gone online and found relevant articles that paralleled our many issues.

So, with the help of WordPress, I got my stories online. It was exciting. But I was only a few days in when I realized how much more it could be.  

When helping an aging parent, we are all self-taught! It’s just one of those life skills that can’t be taught in a classroom; not unlike becoming a parent. But becoming one is a topic far different and already well supported online. This life phase is less documented. And there’s a steep learning curve.

What if we changed that? What if there was a place where we could swap and share what we know? Hell, I still need help! My mother is almost 89 now and I know new blind spots are ahead. And that’s ok. But if a reader had a story, or an experience even a tip about anything on this topic, it could be on the site and available for reference. Someone could benefit from it. I’d love to share that information forward.

I also want to say that this idea applies to a parent who has passed as well. Is there something you wish you had done differently? Or worked well for you? I’ll use guest stories as blog posts for full exposure (anonymous or not). The site can evolve as the information does.

I recognize that I’m a novice, but my gut is telling me there is more there. I’m hoping you agree and are willing to share even a small piece of what you’ve learned along the way.

You can contact me at Or, you can DM me on Twitter @storiesonaging.


  1. Thanks for your comment Mr. Banks. I fully support an alias, initials, first name or totally anonymous. It’s just about sharing what you know. 🙂


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