I started out as a free-lance reporter for a local newspaper in the Chicagoland area. I was good at it. They offered me a full-time job which I turned down – surprising both them and myself. The time wasn’t right.

Eventually, I did take a full-time job with Legacy.com. This is the company which hosts obituary pages for newspapers, literally, around the world. No, I didn’t write the obituaries, but I was intrigued by a medium which helped people connect on a global scale; a still relatively new concept in 2007. So, I gravitated into customer service management.

After moving from Chicago to Florida’s Space Coast, I began the blog to hold onto the stories and situations I was now facing helping my elderly mother. I had hopes of creating a communal platform with tips and helpful conversations about coping with an aging parent. But I got cancer instead. I decided to write about that. Life loves throwing a curveball which is probably why I stick to non-fiction. There are always plenty of them.

You may detect an interest in baseball; Chicago Cubs baseball to be exact. Plus, I love a good laugh. Seriously. I don’t have a published book, but don’t count me out.

Want to reach out? My email is shareastory@leavingthedooropen.com.

Twitter: @opendoorstories

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