I dig into adventure novels and I’m addicted to just about any type of horror film, but my own writing has always stuck to covering the real world. I endlessly get a kick out of learning something new, and real-life stories just have that potential to connect, to pass something valuable on.

About five lifetimes ago, I worked as a freelancer for a local newspaper in suburban Chicago. I covered everything from cloning & measuring the risk of heart disease to my “Day in the Life” series where I spent the day at local businesses. I loved that behind-the-scenes theme and continue to explore it.

The blog actually started with stories about my aging mom. I had hopes to build a reference site about how to help aging parents, but life never cares about timing. In six months, the real world was pushing me somewhere new.

I’m a recent cancer survivor which means I’m way more grateful on just about everything than I ever was before getting sick and that sometimes shows up in my stories too. It’s an asset I wield proudly.

 I’m not a fan of egg salad, but I am of the Chicago Cubs. I’m serious about writing quality stories, but I’m not serious by nature. I love a good laugh and make a point of finding one somewhere every day.

I am humbled and thrilled to be a blogger and have this opportunity to publish my stories regularly.

I am also open to sharing the realities of your life. If you would like to share a guest post (non-promotional, please) contact me at shareastory@leavingthedooropen.com.

Twitter: @opendoorstories

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