A Special Place

Driving onto the grounds of the Biltmore Estate last April was an experience for the senses. As we curved up through the winding road, I opened my window to briefly brush my hand against the hanging, soft pine tree needles lining the path; pointing the way to this majestic North Carolina landmark. Glimpses of azalea … More A Special Place

The Quirky Koala

I think I may have fallen down the Koala hole. Okay, the Koala Quest hole. Kaolaquest.com is self- defined as The World’s Fuzziest Search Engine and I stumbled over it while reading an article which referenced the website. This was so similar in the way the enjoyable Quora.com dropped into my lap; I needed to … More The Quirky Koala

Superstitious Notes

We had cooler weather recently, so it was perfect to see pumpkins at a roadside farm stand when I drove by one morning. It just felt like apples and crimson-colored leaves and Halloween all rolled into one. As luck would have it, an old favorite started playing on a 70’s music channel just as the … More Superstitious Notes

Once in a Lifetime

For most of September, I have been on an unexpected hiatus. I needed time to finalize plans for my mother’s service, pull my thoughts and words together for a eulogy, and spend time with my visiting family. I debated how to approach my next post as I have focused (understandably so) on Gretchen’s passing. I … More Once in a Lifetime

Life at Legacy.com

I think my first “official” job was working in the Children’s Shoes department at Halle Brothers department store. I was 16. I also worked in Food Service during college, in the Communications dept with The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce (summer job), and after I moved to Chicago, I worked at Studio One recording studio in … More Life at Legacy.com