Life at

I think my first “official” job was working in the Children’s Shoes department at Halle Brothers department store. I was 16. I also worked in Food Service during college, in the Communications dept with The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce (summer job), and after I moved to Chicago, I worked at Studio One recording studio in … More Life at

60 Things Part II

Two years ago, I acknowledged my 60th birthday with a list of 60 Things That I’ve Discovered so far. I thought that it would be a good time to revisit this fun post and add a few more to the list. The initial list of 60 Things can be found HERE: 61. Don’t try Wordle … More 60 Things Part II

Why We Swim

“Ahh, I remember this book” I think to myself as I pull it from a box of mom’s belongings I had quickly packed when we moved her into Memory Care in March 2021. I had given it to her as a Mother’s Day gift exactly two years ago while she was in a several-month lockdown … More Why We Swim

The Will To Survive – Where Does it Come From?

About a month ago, I was browsing through Amazon Prime movie selections and one captured my attention.  Simply titled Jungle it looked like an adventure/thriller story with a promising hook “Nature Only Has One Law – Survival.” Looking for a little escapism in an Amazon rainforest, I clicked “Play.” Surprisingly, it was based on the … More The Will To Survive – Where Does it Come From?