Why We Swim

“Ahh, I remember this book” I think to myself as I pull it from a box of mom’s belongings I had quickly packed when we moved her into Memory Care in March 2021. I had given it to her as a Mother’s Day gift exactly two years ago while she was in a several-month lockdown … More Why We Swim

The Will To Survive – Where Does it Come From?

About a month ago, I was browsing through Amazon Prime movie selections and one captured my attention.  Simply titled Jungle it looked like an adventure/thriller story with a promising hook “Nature Only Has One Law – Survival.” Looking for a little escapism in an Amazon rainforest, I clicked “Play.” Surprisingly, it was based on the … More The Will To Survive – Where Does it Come From?

Love at First Byte

I will always remember my first home computer.  It was an AST; an acronym for the company’s three founders Albert, Safi and Thomas who were one of the first to enter the PC market. The year was 1995. As soon as we picked it up from the store, I dove into the box, removing hardware … More Love at First Byte

The Sky’s the Limit

Bloganuary Challenge Prompt: What is a superpower you’d love to have? A friend once told me that I was a fanatic when it came to the subject of weather, and she wasn’t wrong. The way I’ve referenced the polar vortex, thundersnow or straight-line winds, it’s possible that I may have been a radio or television … More The Sky’s the Limit