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No Country for Old Women

I just watched the episode of the television show Roseanne (while it was still on ABC) titled “No Country for Old Women.” It’s about Roseanne and her sister Jackie arguing over who is going to take their 90-year-old mother, Beverly into their home. Beverly was apparently kicked out of her nursing home for being too…

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Family History Cliff Notes

My mother Ginny lives in a rented two bedroom condominium near Clearwater, Florida. She moved there in 2000 from the Cleveland area so she could be closer to my sister Hailey.  At that point, my father had passed away 22 years ago and Ginny had never re-married.  After falling on ice outside her home in…

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Her debilitating vertigo has returned. Although she has visited the Balance Institute twice to relieve the dizziness, it isn’t working as well this time. I arrive in town to take her to her next appointment. Stupidly, I take her out to lunch first. As they are trying to go through the maneuvers to shift the…

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