Sudden Insights: Finding Mother-Daughter Answers

I was online one morning, when I came across an interesting article titled “Handling Controlling Elderly Parents.” “Ha!” I thought half-jokingly. “Here’s my breakthrough guide to fix all of my control issues with my 89-year-old mother Ginny.” Very quickly, however, I wasn’t laughing. I was thinking. Hard. With some parents, an overly critical, authoritarian parenting … More Sudden Insights: Finding Mother-Daughter Answers

Who Dreams This?

I have muddled feelings this morning. I woke just before 6:00 a.m. with a startled shake. I had just dreamt that I was simultaneously looking for and hiding from my mother because she had a gun. We were at some huge outdoor event. I kept running into people I knew and telling them what was … More Who Dreams This?