Is It Time Now? A Story About Decision-Making for an Aging Parent

Today started with a surprise phone call from Betsy. Betsy is my sister-in-law who has taken on the part-time job of driving my mom to appointments, the library, the grocery store etc. every week. She lives 15 minutes from my 88-year-old mother Ginny and my mother adores her. She’s been our godsend for about two … More Is It Time Now? A Story About Decision-Making for an Aging Parent

Sudden Insights: Finding Mother-Daughter Answers

I was online one morning, when I came across an interesting article titled “Handling Controlling Elderly Parents.” “Ha!” I thought half-jokingly. “Here’s my breakthrough guide to fix all of my control issues with my 89-year-old mother Ginny.” Very quickly, however, I wasn’t laughing. I was thinking. Hard. With some parents, an overly critical, authoritarian parenting … More Sudden Insights: Finding Mother-Daughter Answers

Figuring Out VA Benefits and an Inheritance: Our Story

In my last story, I shared how my mother Ginny’s best friend had given her an unexpected inheritance gift. She should be receiving that gift soon, and we remain grateful. It’s important, however, that we are responsible about how to manage the gift and dig into information regarding cash assets and how they relate, in … More Figuring Out VA Benefits and an Inheritance: Our Story

Sharing It Forward

This post is a little different as I’m stepping outside of the larger story to move my legs a bit and share my hopeful intent. As you’ve read, I am living day-to-day with helping my elderly mom.  I’m definitely in the thick of it. Somewhere in there, I wanted to write it down. It started … More Sharing It Forward

Shades of Change III

I’ve been thinking about Ginny’s future over the last week. Sometimes, she enters my thoughts as I’m fading towards sleep and sometimes she is my first thought of the day. Sometimes, I lay awake. So far, she has not exhibited additional dementia-type symptoms, so that’s significant, but a return of vertigo always looms. Plus, given … More Shades of Change III