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The Younger Side of Old

Today I visited the “Reader” section on WordPress (my blog platform) to see if I could find other blogs with interesting stories about the elderly that I might be able to reblog onto my own. I typed in a couple of search terms, but struck out. Then I tried “old people.” There were a lot…

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Clearwater, We Have a Problem

My recent mistake with the cable company is back to haunt me. They are switching to a digital signal and all customers need new converter boxes before the deadline. This includes my 88-year-old mother. During a past visit, I had brought the wrong box (previous post) back from their sales office to hook up to…

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The Cable Debacle

My husband Dennis and I are just completing a 3-day visit with my 88-year-old mother Ginny when she receives a notice from the cable company.  They are converting their signal to digital for all Florida customers and her zip code is next. Apparently, she will need different converter boxes to pick up that new signal.…

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