A View to a Grill

This is just a fun moment I thought I would share this holiday weekend.

I think it was Mother’s Day 2017, and my ever-artistic mother Ginny was visiting from Clearwater. We were sitting out on our lanai one afternoon when she suddenly says “that is a beautiful sculpture” and I look at her totally confused. I have no sculpture anywhere.

“What are you talking about mom?” I ask.

“Over there, it’s right there” she said pointing.

The only thing I could see was the neighbor’s grill.

“You mean that gray block sitting there?” I ask.

“Yes” she answered. “That is high quality sculpture, like MOMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art) quality.”

“Mom, that’s our neighbor’s grill. They have a gray cover on it which I guess makes it look more like stone” I concede.

“Well, I see a sculpted face” and we both suddenly think that’s hilariously funny. My mother does have a good sense of humor. (Meanwhile, I’m also thinking it may be time for an eye test. )

Happy grilling this weekend!


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